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Help Support Our Troops Overseas

The Department of Connecticut Marine Corps League
Is proud to be involved in supporting our troops overseas through the efforts of Frances Babij. She has been preparing and sending the packages to our troops. The supplies are low and Frances desperately needs our help so that she can keep this going.

Pictured left are some of the men from Charlie Company who recently were deployed from Plainville, CT to Fallujah in Iraq.

Items that are requested by Charlie Company:

This list is immediate needs they see coming. They can still use the usual as they have no PX or anything. A truck is supposed to come every week or two with stuff.

Junk Food and Magazines.
Detergent – We have to wash our stuff in an Iraqi washer. We fill it with a hose when we have water.
Clothes pins – To hang up the laundry
Coffee grounds / filters (standard 12 cup) – We have some drip pots with power converters
Socks – Black, brown, green, as I know we will need them soon. These will start wearing out quick as we are doing numerous patrols daily.
Bleach wipes or some type of wipes- We get loads of sand coming through the windows of our outpost even though they are all sandbagged up. Plus flies and rats are all over.
Baby wipes – Good for hasty washing when we are out of water.
Hygiene gear – Standard stuff
Powdered / dry stuff - oatmeal, soup, Grits (yea I said Grits) cool ade, chips etc. We get one hot meal a day.
Fly traps / sticky paper – We have hundreds here.
Rat Traps – Had a big one stuck on a 8x10 sheet of sticky paper but he chewed his tail off and the paper around his feet and took off.
Toys – any stuffed animals, soccer balls, school supplies, left over we can give to the local kids. This seems to go a long way with the kids and parents.

All other items that are needed by all the troops:

Instant coffee, Powdered Gatorade, Powdered hot chocolate, Pre-sweetened Kool-Aid, Tea Bags, Powdered lemonade, Tuna in pouch, Crackers, Slim Jim’s, Single serve chips, Cookies, Candy—NO Chocolate, Graham Crackers, Bubble gum, Licorice, Canned nuts, Pretzels, Goldfish crackers, Rice Krispie treats, Applesauce, pudding, or fruit cups with pop off lids, Raisins and trail mix, Beef Jerky, Power Bars, Sunflower seeds, Cup ‘o Noodles soup, Dry cereal, Bowl appetite dinners, Instant oatmeal, Breakfast and cereal bars, Pop tarts, Pasta Anytime dinners, Dinty Moore dinners
Toilet paper, Eye drops, Baby wipes, Razors and shaving cream, Foot powder, Shampoo & conditioner, Combs, Soap or body wash, Deodorant, Vitamins, Cough drops, Chapstick, Toothbrush/toothpaste, Mouthwash, Dental floss, Asprin (Excedrin, Motrin, Advil, Tylenol, etc.), Hand sanitizer, Eyedrops, Sun block, Skin lotion, Q-Tips

Batteries, Books/magazines, Clothes pins, Pens, Socks, Gel insoles

Please contact: Commandant Richard Wearne or Frances Babij or Peter Galgano