2019 Event Photo Gallery

Valley Memorial Day

Southington Memorial Day Parade
Jim Morris & Commandant
Jim Lord Memorial Day Memorial Day Cemetery

Memorial Day Gunny

Armed Forces Day Luncheon

2019 Funeral Honors Detail



Thames River Detachment #1334

Honoring three of our newest members with Quilts of Valor.

Tom Callinan, Connecticut's First State Troubadour, providing entertainment at the Quilts of Valor ceremony.

Detachment honoring Admiral Rendon - Coast Guard Academy with a certificate of appreciate and a Quilt of Valor. Pictured is Sr. Vice Commandant Rob Montminy and Commandant Tom Peters.

Frank Poitras playing Taps at a Memorial Day remembrance of our deceased members.

Detachment members during Memorial Day observance.

Celebration of the 2019-20 MOTY.  Line up of previous recipients; 2012 - David Kargul; 2013 - Rob Montminy; 2014 - Jim Reid; 2015 - Tom Peters; 2019 - Thomas Taylor; 2016 - Pat McMahon; 2017 - Frank Poitras; 2018 - Joe Balint.


Pearl Harbor Ceremony - Southington Memorial Det.



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